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Dear Colleagues:
Here is your chance to make a contribution to the specialty food industry. Simply send in your review of one or both of two new books about the specialty food trade.

We will also publish reviews and commentary of the two new books in future issues of Food Entrepreneur Magazine.

The two books are:

1. Start & Run a Home-Based Food Business. By Mimi Shotland Fix, Self Counsel Press, August 2009. Windows CD-ROM.
“Whether you have always dreamed of owning a home-based food business, need a second source of income, or want to stay home and be your own boss, this book offers tons of tips, examples, and advice for you to run a profitable business in your own kitchen!”

2. How to Make a Profit Creating & Selling Your Own Specialty Food Products in the USA: Specialty Food for beginners, Volume 1. by Mr. Harvey Clark, CreateSpace, October 09. Paperback.
According to the author, “this is an instructional volume with all the information that doesn't seem to be available anywhere. It is his hope that the book will help reverse the [failure] percentages for all individuals travelling down this road.”

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Comment by krista behrens on October 2, 2013 at 7:37am

I've just finished reading Start & Run a Home-Based Business.  This is a quick, easy read.  I found it helpful.  Ms. Fix clearly is passionate about helping others launch their home-based businesses.  

Comment by Sergio Andres Mendoza on May 18, 2010 at 8:11am
I recently had the chance to read "How to Make a Profit Creating & Selling your own Specialty Food Products in the USA" by Mr. Harvey P. Clark.

There are two market approaches in Specialty Foods:

(1) prepare your business from day one to compete in the high volume market (with the largest food companies) or
(2) emphasize how "special" your food product is, and sell to lower volume stores that offer their customers a unique retail experience.

Mr. Harvey P. Clark has deep experience in the high volume market, in his words, the only market for "real profits". The path to the high volume market is challenging, and you need to know how the big boys play to have even a modest chance at success. This information is usually difficult for a food entrepreneur to obtain, so Mr. Clark is doing the industry a great service by gathering his hard won experience and sharing it with others.

Mr. Clark clearly shows a passion for helping the entrepreneur prevent mistakes, and this first person account is full of personal examples. At times, Mr. Clark's first person style might seem a bit strong, but it is only to emphasize the gravity of his advice.

I recommend this book to anyone starting a food company with the intent of pursuing national chains and high volumes. As Mr. Clark repeats frequently in the book, this market is not for the imprudent or weak, but thanks to this book, it will hopefully be easier.

Sergio Mendoza is President of komida Wholesale Account Management Software and Author of “Selling through Distributors: Grow your wholesale specialty food business”, available for free at



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